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Pastor’s Message




Hello everyone,
If you have not heard yet, the Governor extended our stay-at-home order through May 15th.  This means we will still be doing “the online thing” for the next few weeks.  Many thanks to Bob, John, and Joe for their continued efforts to make this possible and to improve the quality of what we are recording.  I would be lost without them!! 
Here is the plan for this Sunday, 4-26-20: 
On Saturday we will pre-record an audio and a video recording that will be posted on Sunday morning.  The audio recording will be through our website as it has been all along,  The video recording will be on YouTube and can be accessed through the website, Facebook, or an email which I will send out Sunday morning.  It is our week to be on the radio this Sunday as well, so you can tune in to AM1400 or FM106.1 at 9:00.  This service will be the one we recorded last week since we had to get it to the radio station before we did the recording for this week. The order of service attached to this email goes with the service on the website and YouTube for this week. 
Confirmation, which was going to be May 3, has been postponed to a later date which is yet to be determined.   
A big thank you to Kathy Long for all her work in the office!  This past week, Wednesday, was Administrative Professional’s Day.  Becky and I usually take Kathy and Bob out to lunch, but that has been put on hold for now.  If you have time, send her a little note letting her know how much we appreciate her!  Lately she has been working hard on this email list which is growing by the day so we can better communicate with you at this time and in the future. 
I have been very impressed by your generosity and commitment to giving for the Lord’s work while we are unable to gather together.  We were able to make a couple of nice deposits from the offerings you have been sending in.  I don’t have an official financial report, but based on what I heard we are not in bad shape at all despite missing 5 Sunday’s so far.  Keep up the good work and faithful stewardship! 
In closing I just have a couple of things to share with you.  The first is from John Olson about viewing the service.  He said,  
“Note for users of Xfinity/Comcast.  You can watch Trinity-Glendora videos on your TV if you have a voice control remote. If you do, there will be a button that has a picture of a microphone on it.  While pressing and holding the button down, say “Trinity Glendora on YouTube”.  This will take you to YouTube ….. just press on the icon that displays a picture of our church and it will take you to the videos that we have posted.  Other cable companies may offer this service.  If you have questions, please contact John at 269-470-1987″
The second is from Carol Jallits and is a link to devotions President Maier is doing on the Michigan District website.  Here is the link and thank you for sharing this Carol!
Thanks for your patience with all of this.  I look forward to when we can gather together physically!  There will be a newsletter (without calendar and announcements since so much is up in the air) coming out by the middle of next week.
Pastor Liebich