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Pastor’s Message


“He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely, I am coming soon.’  Amen.  Come Lord Jesus!  The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.  Amen.” Revelation 22:20-21

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            When I was a pastor in Connecticut and we would gather at pastor’s conferences, it was a running joke that for the prayer before we would eat vice president (now president) of the New England District, Rev. Timothy Yeadon, would say, “And we pray together the prayer our Lord taught us to pray… “Come Lord Jesus…Amen.”  No, the “common table prayer” (as we call it) is not the Lord’s Prayer, but the first words of the prayer are straight out of the last chapter of the last book of the Holy Scriptures.  In fact, three times in the last chapter of Revelation Jesus says the words, “I am coming soon…”  John responds to Jesus’ words with this prayer which closes the book of Revelation, “Amen.  Come Lord Jesus!  The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.  Amen.”  This year for our mid-week advent series we will focusing on this prayer, “Come, Lord Jesus” and how Christ has come, continues to come, and will come again.  Important for His coming to us now is the discipline of daily devotions where the Lord comes to us through His Word.  This series will give you some resources and guidance to encourage you in your daily devotions as we together pray, “Come, Lord Jesus.”  What follows is a summary of the Advent Series written by W. Mart Thompson, who provided the resources for this series: 

“Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest . . .” so begins the common table prayer. In the spirit of Revelation 22:20, during Advent services we will apply this petition to Advent devotions. Through short and simple daily practices we will learn to pray, “Come Lord Jesus” in a way that gives daily strength and hope.

 “Daily devotions.” That sounds like a huge challenge to many of us. Whether you are a household of one, two, three, or more, having daily devotions can be a struggle. Our Advent series will use God’s word to equip disciples for this struggle and provide simple and effective ways to help meet this challenge. With God’s help we can learn to daily pray, “Come, Lord Jesus,” not only to daily bless our food but our lives, finding strength and hope in Jesus.

 The hope and strength that Jesus gives comes in his victory over the “unholy trinity”: the devil, our sinful nature, and the sinful world. This includes the promise of fully flourishing in the life to come. In this series we will explore how God’s word teaches and guides us in following our victorious Lord as we look to him in daily devotion to his word.

 “Advent” means “coming.” During this season of Advent our focus will be on Jesus’s “three comings” to save us—past, present, and future. Jesus has come and accomplished his saving work. He continues to come by the power of the Holy Spirit through the word and sacraments. He will come again on the last day for our final deliverance. This series will match Christ’s three “comings” with his “overcoming” of the “unholy trinity,” the enemies of his saving word.

            I hope you will join us on Wednesday evenings this Advent.  We will pray, “Come, Lord Jesus be our guest and let thy gifts to us be blessed.  Amen.” before we eat each week at 6:00.  Then, we will pray, “Come, Lord Jesus,” together again as we hear God’s Word and look to Him who comes to us through His Word in worship at 7:00.  Amen.  Come Lord Jesus!

In Christ,                                                                                                                                          

Pastor Liebich