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Pastor’s Message




“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4
“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.,.” Rom. 1:16
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
          The other day I had a phone conversation with my Uncle Ken who lives in Florida. He and my Aunt Mary are my
Godparents. He gently teased me saying that he was still waiting for his Godfather card from Father’s Day. This is
something that I always do, but I forgot to send him one this year!!!  As I considered what to write about for the
newsletter this month, I was thinking about my Godparents, whom I believe were uncommonly faithful in their role.
Many of you are not in a position to do everything for your Godchildren that my Godparents did for me, but I hope that
sharing about them encourages you to embrace this special vocation of being a Godparent.
          When I think of my Aunt Mary and Uncle Ken, Romans 1:16 comes to mind. They are not ashamed of the
Gospel! The Good news of Jesus Christ is something to cherish yourself and share with others, and my aunt and uncle
lived this. Every morning they would each read their devotions. I have fond memories of my aunt reading the Portals of
Prayer to my grandma in the years that they took my grandma into their home to care for her. She would always invite me
to join them when we were visiting. My uncle always read from several devotions and collected prayers from many
different sources. Once he retired from teaching, his morning devotions were not short events. When we would sit down
for meals, in addition to praying “Come, Lord Jesus…,” my uncle usually had a prayer card for the day that he would read
from and then pass out for us to keep, and if we went out to eat, he would slip a Gospel tract in with the check as a witness
to the waitress. They were both passionate about missions. My uncle served on many boards at the church where they
were members, and also served on boards for the New Jersey District of the LCMS. I remember my aunt being involved
in some mission work reaching out to Japanese women whose husbands traveled to the U.S. for work. She taught them
about American culture teaching them how to carve Jack-O-Lanterns, make a traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner,
decorate cakes, etc., but then she and my uncle would also lead them in Bible Study/devotions. That is just a small
sampling of how, as Godparents, they modeled the Christian life to me and others. When it came to encouraging me in
my faith, I can’t possibly recount all the ways, but here are a few: They helped pay for my tuition to Lutheran Schools
growing up (they still help us out with Benjamin and Paul’s tuition), they flew me out and took me to Concordia
Bronxville when I was considering colleges. They bought me a devotion book based on the writings of Luther and gave it
to me when I started college (I still use it sometimes.). They buy me all the Concordia Commentaries when they first
come out to help me in my study and teaching of God’s Word. They pray for me every day, and the list could go on and on.
When I sum it up, what I most appreciate is that they unabashedly encouraged me to know Jesus, cherish His Word, and
share the Gospel with others.
          Many of you reading this are probably Godparents. I just wanted to encourage you in this vocation. Don’t be shy
about sharing Jesus in your life and especially with your Godchildren. Don’t be overly passive with the mentality that we
should let children choose their own way for themselves. Instead, be open about encouraging your Godchildren and their
families to attend church and Sunday School, help them attend a Lutheran School if you are able, and model what it looks
like to cherish and share Jesus. Someday, your godchild will thank you for it. Thanks Aunt Mary and Uncle Ken! To
God be the glory!!

In His Service,

Pastor Liebich